Find ideal rental homes near Texas Tech, Covenant Medical Center, University Medical Center or other medical facilities in Lubbock, Texas. We have reasonably priced rental homes for Texas Tech students, Covenant Hospital employees and others desiring to live in nice homes in one of these areas.

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3 Bedroom Rental Homes

Our 3 bedroom rental homes start at $1100.

2 Bedroom Rental Homes

Our 2 bedroom rental homes start at $750

1 Bedroom Rental Homes

Our 1 bedroom rental homes start at $500

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Toadstool Properties was born out of the necessity to find my older daughter a place to live other than dorms at Texas Tech or apartments in Lubbock.  Dormitories were too expensive and restrictive and apartments are completely absent of any privacy.  We purchased our first house in Tech Terrace and began to build an inventory of residential housing that offers privacy, security and affordability.

As the company grew, we quickly began to build a clientele of students and learned a great deal about their likes and dislikes in housing.  We also reached out to parents and offered our assistance when their kids needed some type of immediate help that parents could not give them from Houston or Dallas. 

Currently, we continue striving to make sure our tenants have a comfortable and safe stay in all our properties by offering monitored security systems and we pride ourselves in maintain our properties by responding to maintenance needs immediately. 

As you visit our website, keep in mind our goals and operation procedures while you look at the opportunities we can offer while you continue your education.

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“We just rented a three bedroom house from Toadstool Properties and they were so very friendly, and made it super easy for us to move in. We went from the application process, to signing the lease and moving in all in three days!”
Diana H.

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“Toadstool Properties did an excellent job in finding us a 2 bedroom rental house in our desired area. They answered all of our questions in a timely and professional manner. I will recommend them to anyone house hunting near the Texas Tech area.”
Jessica B.

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